1 From: Will Maier <willmaier@ml1.net>
 2 To: Madison Linux <madlug@madisonlinux.org>
 3 Cc: 
 4 Bcc: 
 5 Subject: #madlug -> #wilug
 6 Reply-To: 
 8 Whereas:
10     * #madlug was cool; and
11     * #newlug was also kind of cool; and
12     * pretty much everyone who was in #madlug was in #newlug, and
13       vice versa; and
14     * it's tedious having the same freaking conversations in two
15       channels semi-synchronously; and
16     * #wilug has existed for a while; and
17     * we can force people to go to #wilug; and
18     * the value of a good thing is greater than the sum of its
19       parts,
21 I placed a forward (/mode +if #wilug) on #madlug last night. Anyone
22 who attempts to join the channel will be automatically forwarded to
23 #wilug, the pan-Wisconsin LUG IRC channel. It's basically just
24 #madlug, plus a few losers from Up Nort who we tricked into putting
25 a forward on _their_ precious channel[0].
27 Merging the channels means that questions about Linux, or The New
28 Nintendo, or webcomics, etc will receive better, faster and more
29 witty answers from a widely diverse group of Wisconsonites and
30 ex-pats. You'll get fresh perspectives from Sheboygan, Green Bay,
31 and Manitowoc on issues relevant to the Madison-area Linux user.
32 And, most importantly, you'll find that no matter where you live in
33 Wisconsin, stealing a few minutes at 10:00AM on a Tuesday to say hi
34 to other people stealing a few minutes at 10:00AM on a Tuesday is
35 sort of fun.
37 Check out the brand new, totally-like-it-used-to-be-but-with-a-few-
38 more-people #wilug. It's sort of fun.
40 To join:
42     In your favorite IRC client (irssi, ircII, gaim, xchat, ...),
43     connect to the freenode.net network:
45         /connect irc.freenode.net
47     Then hop on over to #wilug:
49         /join #wilug
51 [0] #newlug is now occupied by me, a robot, an ex-pat, and
52 soekris_boy. I can hurl all the insults I want, whenever I want, and
53 no one can do anything about it. Awesome.
55 -- 
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