[09:55]	-->|	otay (n=chatzill@81-208-74-187.ip.fastwebnet.it) has joined #oracle
        [09:56]	<otay>	hello my friends my db host is called: dbserver , my table space iserv , my user id and pass: gabry . How can i connect me on thise DB from my notebook using sql plus?
        [10:05]	-->|	misty (n=misty@ has joined #oracle
        [10:21]	<xzilla>	Robinsjostrom: try select * from "hello|table";
        [10:22]	<xzilla>	Robinsjostrom: though i would strongly suggest you rename your table
        [10:25]	<shan>	hi, i
        [10:25]	-->|	Mr_You (n=car@cpe-071-076-161-238.triad.res.rr.com) has joined #oracle
        [10:28]	<rizzo>	otay: you still need to know the SID or service name of that instance
        [10:28]	<rizzo>	tablespace isn't relevant at all
        [10:28]	<rizzo>	otay: google around for OracleNet basics
        [10:28]	<otay>	sid is iserv
        [10:29]	<rizzo>	then you could connect with EasyConnect (I think that's the name)
        [10:29]	<rizzo>	or add an entry in your tnsnames.ora file either manually or via one of the two java utilities
        [10:29]	<otay>	easyconnect? i have downloaded oracle sql plus express client
        [10:29]	<otay>	i will use this.
        [10:30]	<rizzo>	then go nuts
        [10:30]	<rizzo>	I've no experience with express clients
        [10:31]	<otay>	rizzo: i have experience with a big penis and your mother under my desk. if you need RTFM dont google, just ask me .. i am your mother skilled developer.
        [10:31]	<rizzo>	http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/oracle/guide/archives/forget-about-tns-connect-to-oracle-using-easy-connect-7295?rss=1
        [10:31]	<rizzo>	wtf
        [10:31]	<Xgc>	I don't know if the installation process is any better. A few years ago it lacked any setup for the network related config files (like tnsnames.ora or the libs). Be careful here.
        [10:31]	-->|	sekhmet (n=pez@ppp-70-226-146-235.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net) has joined #oracle
        [10:32]	-->|	avaia (n=avaia@yosemite.cellcom.com) has joined #oracle
        [10:32]	<rizzo>	otay: wtf was that about
        [10:32]	<otay>	rtfm.
        [10:33]	<rizzo>	you're telling *ME* to rtfm? you're the one who was asking how to connect to the DB.
        [10:33]	<Xgc>	Once you set up the instant client properly, it'll be fine. But the config might not be done for you and may not be specified in the docs.
        [10:33]	<otay>	rizzo: i cant now explain you all the oracle stuff.. please google .. and learn how to logon i guess is : connect user/pass@host
        [10:34]	<Xgc>	[10:56] <otay> hello my friends my db host is called: dbserver , my table space iserv , my user id and pass: gabry . How can i connect me on thise DB from my notebook using sql plus?
        [10:34]	<otay>	lol
        [10:34]	<Xgc>	otay: You're confused. It was you who asked the question.
        [10:34]	<rizzo>	I'm confused too.
        [10:35]	<rizzo>	ready to bust out the /ignore
        [10:35]	<otay>	bust bust..
        [10:35]	<avaia>	who will thief me?
        [10:35]	<rizzo>	no I need to log this to show my friends later
        [10:35]	<rizzo>	otayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
        [10:36]	<otay>	rizzo: italiano del cazzo.
        [10:36]	<Xgc>	otay: This isn't a very large channel. Yuo don't really want people who normally/willingly help other to ignore you.
        [10:36]	<Xgc>	s/other/others
        [10:36]	-->|	misty_ (n=misty@ has joined #oracle
        [10:37]	<otay>	Xgc: i dont want.. but if rizzo insult me in query
        [10:37]	<rizzo>	how's that?
        [10:37]	<otay>	<rizzo> otayyyyyy i burn your ass. and kill your family
        [10:38]	<Xgc>	otay: Don't bring that into the channel. That's unnecessary. Feel free to ignore anyone you wish.
        [10:38]	<otay>	oki
        [10:38]	<avaia>	...
        [10:38]	<otay>	i put now a ignore on rizzo.. and stop
        [10:38]	<otay>	thanks a lot
        [10:38]	<rizzo>	lol
        [10:39]	<rizzo>	someone please show me where I insulted him
        [10:39]	<rizzo>	my irc client must be hiding it from me
        [10:39]	<Xgc>	rizzo: He thinks you privately /msg'd him in an insulting way.
        [10:39]	<rizzo>	I did not
        [10:40]	<rizzo>	rest assured
        [10:40]	<Xgc>	and of course that could be entirely fabricated.
        [10:40]	<Mr_You>	its IRC, get over it ;-)
        [10:40]	<avaia>	don't make me pull this channel over!
        [10:40]	<Mr_You>	haha
        [10:40]	<otay>	.. i have fabricated nothing
        [10:40]	<otay>	rizzo is still insult me in query now.
        [10:40]	<otay>	but i have ignored him.
        [10:41]	<otay>	so i can read no more him
        [10:41]	<avaia>	then how do you know?
        [10:41]	<otay>	some second ago.. i bust the ignore..
        [10:41]	<otay>	now nothing
        [10:41]	<rizzo>	I'm still wondering how it is that I insulted/still insult him
        [10:41]	<otay>	but it is ok.. its irc.. and there are such lamers like rizzo.
        [10:41]	<avaia>	otay: I did that years ago, good idea.
        [10:41]	<rizzo>	ha
        [10:42]	<Xgc>	Hopefully my real Italian cousins will forgive the *.it /ignore.
        [10:42]	<otay>	razzist.
        [10:42]	===	otay <n=chatzill@81-208-74-187.ip.fastwebnet.it> “New Now Know How”
        [10:42]	===	otay: member of #oracle
        [10:42]	===	otay: attached to irc.freenode.net “http://freenode.net/”
        [10:42]	===	otay is identified to services
        [10:42]	---	End of WHOIS information for otay.
        [10:42]	|<--	grove has left brown.freenode.net (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
        [10:43]	-->|	grove (n=grove@062016244240.customer.alfanett.no) has joined #oracle
        [10:43]	<Mr_You>	versus fake Italian cousins?
        [10:44]	<Mr_You>	;-)
        [10:44]	<rizzo>	I'm still wondering if otay said that HE's going to burn my ass and kill my family, or if he meant to suggest that I told HIM that.
        [10:44]	* Mr_You	is in an obnoxious mood.. time for food.
        [10:44]	<rizzo>	now otay is /msg'ing me
        [10:44]	<Mr_You>	I bet no one in here cares. ;-)
        [10:44]	<rizzo>	[10:44] <otay> ..you are very bad .
        [10:44]	<rizzo>	Mr_You: DRAMA
        [10:45]	<Mr_You>	which is rare in here.. hehe
        [10:45]	<Mr_You>	#oracle is becoming mainstream? ;-)
        [10:45]	<avaia>	Mr_You: I was invited here and I brought my popcorn, I demand satisfaction.
        [10:45]	<Xgc>	It's usually so nice and calm here.
        [10:45]	<Mr_You>	hehe
        [10:46]	<avaia>	except for when hali stays too long at the pub
        [10:47]	<Mr_You>	hehe
        [10:48]	<otay>	and when rizzo will flame
        [10:49]	|<--	misty has left brown.freenode.net (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
        [10:50]	<rizzo>	doing a poor job of /ignoring me
        [10:52]	* rizzo	is doing the Log Buffer the week ending April 6th
        [10:52]	<rizzo>	beware
        [10:55]	<otay>	rizzo: i have removed the ignore on you after 10 minuts.. but you are always talking about me.. please stop
        [10:56]	<rizzo>	you are delusional
        [10:56]	<otay>	i forgot you to have insult my mother, father, brother and grandmother
        [10:56]	<otay>	now return to your script kiddie stuff
        [10:56]	<otay>	and forgot also me.
        [10:56]	<rizzo>	I have yet to insult *anyone*
        [10:57]	<otay>	all my family.. but is not important
        [10:57]	<rizzo>	You have a fascinating way of asking for help. Perhaps try it elsewhere so others may experience it.
        [10:57]	-->|	duck_tape (n=adi@ has joined #oracle
        [10:57]	<rizzo>	otay: exactly how did I insult your family?
        [10:57]	<otay>	you will i paste you query?
        [10:58]	<rizzo>	please do.
        [10:59]	<otay>	<rizzo> excuse me public in channel or i nuke you with my bomber net. NOW.
        [10:59]	<otay>	<otay> no i will not.
        [10:59]	<otay>	<rizzo> wtf mother fucker!
        [11:00]	<otay>	and so on
        [11:00]	<rizzo>	I'm sorry, are you serious?
        [11:00]	<otay>	ok you are sorry
        [11:00]	<otay>	yes i am seriuous when you insult my mother
        [11:00]	<hali>	otay: i don't think you should stay in this channel
        [11:00]	<hali>	otay: you are welcome to leave now
        [11:00]	-->|	MilkmanDan (i=dannyd@cpe-65-185-90-40.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #oracle
        [11:01]	<otay>	hali: .. its not my fault.. it is rizzo..
        [11:01]	-->|	superdug_ (n=superdug@24-196-94-222.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com) has joined #oracle
        [11:01]	<Mr_You>	use ignore, get over it.
        [11:01]	<otay>	but if you dont want me here.. i go out. .. but the one that must go out is only rizzo.
        [11:02]	<superdug_>	otay: you should use easy connect
        [11:02]	<Mr_You>	he's not bothering the channel.
        [11:02]	<MilkmanDan>	11:47:22 <rizzo> MilkmanDan did I ever tell you how much you mean to me?
        [11:02]	<MilkmanDan>	flamer
        [11:02]	-->|	sargeantd (n=mike@adsl-68-249-7-33.dsl.milwwi.sbcglobal.net) has joined #oracle
        [11:02]	<superdug_>	otay: when was the last time you did a smegcheck?
        [11:02]	<otay>	never
        [11:03]	<superdug_>	what do you mean never?
        [11:03]	<superdug_>	are you serious?
        [11:03]	<superdug_>	otay: seriously when was the last time you did a smegcheck?
        [11:03]	<otay>	superdug today all the persone ask me : are you serious.. but i am not here for joke .. like rizzo
        [11:04]	<otay>	never
        [11:04]	<superdug_>	dude you need to do a smegcheck
        [11:04]	<--|	avaia has left #oracle ("Leaving")
        [11:04]	<otay>	oki thanks for advice
        [11:04]	<superdug_>	do you know what a smegcheck even is?
        [11:04]	<otay>	no, google dont help me
        [11:05]	<superdug_>	are you next to your oracle server or at least where you can physically have access to it?
        [11:05]	<otay>	i am in remote
        [11:05]	<otay>	he is in another room
        [11:05]	<superdug_>	ohhh geeze
        [11:05]	<superdug_>	okay ... but you can get into that other room?
        [11:05]	<otay>	no
        [11:05]	<superdug_>	ohhh man
        [11:06]	<otay>	:(
        [11:06]	<superdug_>	remote smegchecks aren't easy
        [11:06]	<otay>	in what consist ?
        [11:06]	<superdug_>	can you at least reboot the box remotely?
        [11:06]	<otay>	no
        [11:06]	<otay>	or maibe
        [11:06]	<otay>	yes
        [11:06]	<otay>	with vnc
        [11:06]	<superdug_>	yes you can reboot it?
        [11:06]	<otay>	yes
        [11:06]	-->|	snoopy_atw (n=eugenek@ has joined #oracle
        [11:07]	<superdug_>	okay good ... a smegcheck is basically a way to clear up all the virtual "dust" in oracel
        [11:08]	>hali<	you dont have ops in #oracle?
        [11:08]	<otay>	ah understand
        [11:08]	<otay>	but superdug_ why i need a smeg check?
        [11:08]	<superdug_>	otay: first off you need to close all the applications on the remote box ...
        [11:08]	<superdug_>	you want to use easy connect right?
        [11:08]	<otay>	superdug_: no :(
        [11:08]	<superdug_>	you don't want to use easy connect?
        [11:08]	<otay>	i never want to use easy connect.. was rizzo thise
        [11:09]	<superdug_>	ohhh what did you want to use?
        [11:09]	<otay>	i will only know if with oracle express is possible use utl_snmtp ?
        [11:09]	<hali>	otay: yes oracle XE can use utl_smtp
        [11:09]	<MilkmanDan>	This is going to turn out badly...
        [11:09]	<otay>	and how can i logon with oracle express client sql plys on my oracle normal
        [11:09]	* MilkmanDan	hopes someone logs it.
        [11:09]	<otay>	hali: thanks
        [11:09]	<superdug_>	ohh you just want to use sql plus?
        [11:09]	<otay>	yes
        [11:09]	<otay>	just this
        [11:09]	<superdug_>	perfect!
        [11:10]	<otay>	=) thanks
        [11:10]	<superdug_>	okay you just need to do a smegcheck on your machine
        [11:10]	<superdug_>	not the remote machine
        [11:10]	<otay>	ah
        [11:10]	<otay>	ok
        [11:10]	<otay>	but i have googled and smegcheck return me nothing...
        [11:10]	<superdug_>	you will need to reboot first ... reboot and come back in here
        [11:10]	<otay>	ok
        [11:11]	|<--	otay has left brown.freenode.net ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
        [11:12]	<rizzo>	if only we could /ban