<spinal4ever> plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    <spinal4ever> help
    <spinal4ever> plz
    <spinal4ever> help
    <spinal4ever> .
    <spinal4ever> what's the password of oracle?
    <misty> 'the password of oracle'??
    <misty> what do you mean?
    <spinal4ever> i mean
    <spinal4ever> when i installed it 
    <spinal4ever> i give him a password 
    <spinal4ever> right?
    <spinal4ever> then when i get to SQL menu and i said connect
    <spinal4ever> he told me what's the password and username
    <MikyP> I'm afraid You have to reinstall or boost Your memory up...
    <MikyP> Anyone any other idea?
    <MikyP> How to hack fresh Oracle 10g install?
    <spinal4ever> i will uninstall that shitttttt
    <gmflie> what os are you running?
    <spinal4ever> and reinstall it 
    <spinal4ever> and if it would not work 
    <spinal4ever> i will burn my muther fucker PC
    <gmflie> spinal4ever: what os?
    <spinal4ever> fucking BILL GITES
    <spinal4ever> XP
    <spinal4ever> i mean
    <gmflie> normally the admin-user on windows can use "sqlplus / as sysdba" to connect to a local oracle-db without user/passwort
    <misty> uh
    <gmflie> or the user that runs the oracle-service
    <misty> it's not Bill Gates fault, you forgot the password you told it
    <spinal4ever> forget it guys
    <spinal4ever> forget
    <spinal4ever> i'm right now uninstalling that shit
    <spinal4ever> and reinstalling it
    <misty> but either the docs will tell you the default password, or it will have asked you a password
    <misty> I know when you set up the instance you have to give a password for the 'internal' user
    <spinal4ever> butttttttttttt what's the fuckkkkkkking username????????
    <misty> it's internal
    <misty> you need to calm down
    <misty> there are two default usernames, system and internal
    <spinal4ever> give me one of them
    <misty> both passwords default to 'manager' at least in older versions
    <spinal4ever> give me one of them
    <misty> it is 'INTERNAL'
    <misty> that's the username
    <misty> "Who's on first?"
    <spinal4ever> great
    <spinal4ever> who told u that man???
    <misty> it is the word internal
    <misty> who told me what?
    <misty> it's well documented
    <misty> a normal user is scotty / tiger
    <misty> or scott / tiger, I forget
    <misty> sysdba user is 'internal'
    <spinal4ever> if that fuckin username don't work i will crash  this PC 
    <misty> if you don't chill out, you're going on ignore
    <spinal4ever> man why this oracle makes those password
    <spinal4ever> and those username
    <spinal4ever> no one will use this soft expet me
    <minerale> What is the name of the dictionary where I can get coummn names for a table
    <spinal4ever> who will theif me 
    <spinal4ever> time for testing
    <spinal4ever> so 
    <spinal4ever> i have installed oracle 10g
    <spinal4ever> and now what's the username
    <minerale> rizzo: oh all_tab_cols
    <spinal4ever> what's the fucnkin username
    <spinal4ever> mannnn 
    <spinal4ever> i will lose my mind
    <spinal4ever> !!!!!
    <rizzo> spinal4ever: you want the dba user?
    <MikyP> spinal> how did you choose the password??? Was it color? Someone's name? City where You live in? Or just couple of characters and number?
    <spinal4ever> yeah
    <spinal4ever> but wat"'s the username
    <spinal4ever> fuckin username
    <spinal4ever> i reinstalled that shit 2 times
    <MikyP> username is sys ... you have to:
    <spinal4ever> in the installition of that shit he told me what password u prefer i said that's my fuckin password "123123"
    <MikyP> connect >username>/>password> as sysdba
    <rizzo> spinal4ever: let's try this without the f-bombs
    <spinal4ever> man i use windows XP
    <spinal4ever> windows XP
    <spinal4ever> i'm losing my mind guys i will fuck that pc and that mutha fucka oracle plz what's the username god damm it*
    <avaia> um, hot?
    <minerale> spinal4ever: what do you need oracle for?
    <spinal4ever> ih
    <spinal4ever> how i said it
    <spinal4ever> a very big project
    <rizzo> spinal4ever: you need to get off of irc and read a basic install guide
    <rizzo> and try to speak without the swears for more than two sentences
    <minerale> spinal4ever: how much sql do you know? I would guess you could get buy with any minimalistic easy-to-use easy-to-install database, mysql or derby
    <rizzo> don't feed the troll
    <spinal4ever> man 
    <spinal4ever> i'm a student engineer at tunisia best computer science university
    -!- spinal4ever has quit 
    -!- spinal4ever has joined #oracle
    <spinal4ever> hi guys
    <spinal4ever> i'm back
    <rizzo> <3
    <spinal4ever> it's a fuckkkkkkkkkkkkin shit
    <spinal4ever> this oracle
    <spinal4ever> coz it has no username even password
    <spinal4ever> it hide them   
    <spinal4ever> man  
    <spinal4ever> say in u report it's a fuckin data base shit
    <rizzo> olz
    <rizzo> spinal4ever: it has at least two passwords
    <rizzo> (and users)
    <rizzo> you need to stop saying fuckkkkkkkkk
    <spinal4ever> wat them