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        wilug - Wisconsin Linux Users' Group

        wilug {thing} [other stuff if you want...]

        WILUG doesn't really exist; it's basically an online cesspool
        inhabited by members of real Wisconsin Linux and Unix groups (see 
        SEE ALSO). It's like an umbrella, but turned upside down and 
        filled with radioactive lollipops and eliteists.

        thing may be one of the following options:

        irc     We hang out on irc.libera.chat in the channel #wilug.

        http    You're already here.

        All other stuff will be silently ignored.

        otay showed us how to connect to Oracle.

        spinal4ever gave a talk on Oracle security.

        Many thanks to our volunteer speakers!

        We've also had a series of 'lightning talks' on a variety of 
        technical subjects.

        madlug(7), newlug(7), mlug(7), fdllug(7), lclug(7), et(1)

        A list of Wisconsin LUGs can be found at http://wisconsinlinux.org/.

        threads(3), stalkers(6)

        #wilug was created on irc.freenode.net by lt_kije on 30 January, 2006.
        Nobody really used it at first: #madlug and #newlug seemed good
        enough. But then, lo, the conversations became disjointed and rizbot
        became a bug. So we merged on 20 December, 2006.

        A domain name (wilug.us) and web page were added on 1 January, 2007.

        On 2 January, 2007, a transparent and democratic vote lead to an
        undesirable outcome so lt_kije arbitrarily chose 30 January as the
        official birthday of the various WILUG entities. 

        On 30 January, 2007, in honor of The Birthday, sargeantd procured and
        donated wilug.org for the exclusive use of WILUG. sargeantd was then
        promoted to sergeant.

        On 27 June, 2007, we decided to never forget the fact that, earlier
        that day, Freenode staff awoke like sleeping dragons from their
        digital stupor to read their email with bleary, eldritch eyes, and
        realize that, yea, we had bugged them for like six months and, verily,
        they should give us a frigging groupmask. And they did.

        On 25 April, 2008, remcycle found #wilug by using this webpage (see

        On 22 December, 2008, wilug.us (don't use this one) died. But it
        doesn't really matter, because wilug.org (use this one) still lives.

        On 12 February, 2010, n9udl passive-aggressively "noted" that
        our PieSpy had become stale. So sgtd, sekhmet and lt_kije put all the
        important things they were doing on hold and reorganized things.
        There. YOU'RE WELCOME.

        A while ago, the RAID volume that hosted wilug.org (don't use that
        one) went away. On 15 September, 2011, lt_kije brought it back and
        moved the site to wilug.github.com since the old
        registrations had expired.

        On 19 May, 2021, the great Freenode Implosion Of 2021 happened and
        we scurried over to Libera.  Good thing, too!

        Apparently, this webpage can be used to find our IRC channel. That
        is bizarre.

        Submitting patches still requires a keyboard. LAME.



        You are our 000,000,001th visitor!

WILUG(7)                   Internet Reference Manual                  WILUG(7)